Monday, November 9, 2009

No Cafe for Robin :(

Hello, it's me and I'm in a foul mood >:( Krista invaded the cafe today, I like hanging out with her but Mondays and Tuesdays are my only cafe days, she came in and was left out for about 5 minutes because she doesn't know anyone, then she asked me if we could go and I said yes. I said yes cuz 1. I'm nice like that and 2. everyone was kinda avoiding me anyway because Krista wouldn't leave me alone and they don't like her. Something about dissing the cafe while your in it is a bad idea..... ANYWAY she better not come in tomarrow then I'll be upset I haven't been in the cafe in almost a week.... I can barley remember the fights for the few limited seats......Oh I miss being kicked off, and sat on :'( then later Page got mad at me for leaving in the hall way while on the way to class and that made me happy cuz I know she missed me ;p

No pictures of knitting today, I was 2 lazy I just watched reruns of doctor who. So I put a pic of my kitty who feel asleep in a "cozy?" possition

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Were is my head? you'll never know. but I'll always know 0_O anyway thats all the knitting I did over the weekend fail I know and I don't have much to talk about.......but prepare for a rant tomarrow!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Missing the cafe

This is my scarf day two, and I'd like to start talking about my life. My favorite spot to hang out at lunch is the cafiteria wich is the "uncool" zone, we're called cafe kids and the rest of the school ignores us. I have no classes with any of the other "cafe kids" so I made new friends that don't know were I spend my lunches, the only ones who know are the "cafe kids" and Krista, Kristas my friend, but every Wensday, Thursday and Friday we go to the mall together at lunch, I go with her because we've been friends forever and going to starbucks is nice, but I just have a 'normal' lunch. Which I don't find that much fun I'd rather be with the "cafe kids" because they all know each other and have fun talking and fighting and having massive dog piles ontop of eachother which we call orgys simply because we all get ontop of eachother. I love being in the cafiteria, but it is the 'uncool' zone and krista keeps me away 3 out of 5 days, and I'm not going to dich Kristas because then we won't be friends and Krista is a good person, she just doesn't understand that when your "uncool" do can do what you want, act however you want, and you don't have to keep up with the trends, I love it there but if my new friends that I just started to make this school year knew that I liked it their I don't know if we'd still be friends, then again even if they stop talking to me I'll aways have the cafiteria and then I can call myself a cafe kid enstead of my current title whick is the "wanna be cafe kid" The cafe kids make fun of me for being ashamed of it, but I know they still love me because they'll tackle me and I'll be at the bottum of a orgy, and that's all the fun I need! To bad it's only Mondays and Tuesdays :(

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Why Would I Make a Blog at 11:34 because I can

Hey, I'm kinda tired so I'll whine to you about school tomarrow but I'd like to say that today I started a scarf. I'm knitting it and I'm hoping that I'll finish before winter comes around, so I want to see by day to day progress of it so here's a picture for future referance. That is two hours worth of knitting, you can tell that I have a life and that I don't suck at knitting.

A Little About Me

This is my first post on any blog in.......ever, if people start to care about me I will answer any questions that anyone has for now I'll tell you that my name is Robin, but at school all my friends call me Jimmy. They call me Jimmy because I went to a fortun teller and she told me that if I was born a boy (I'm a girl) my name would be Jimmy. My parents say that I would've been Robin eather way but it's fun to be called Jimmy now. The Only reason I desided to start blogging was because Amasingphil had a blog and he RULES!! Another reason I chose to blog was that at school I'm...fake I have differant personalitys for everyone that I see and I lie about what I do in my spare time It's not that I'm superfical, believe me. I hang out with the lamest of the lame durring lunch then I lie to my class friends about were I was. That's why I'm starting blogging I want there to be at least one person in my life that I can tell everything to, and since that person doesn't exist and I hate journals I'll blog' ;)