Monday, November 9, 2009

No Cafe for Robin :(

Hello, it's me and I'm in a foul mood >:( Krista invaded the cafe today, I like hanging out with her but Mondays and Tuesdays are my only cafe days, she came in and was left out for about 5 minutes because she doesn't know anyone, then she asked me if we could go and I said yes. I said yes cuz 1. I'm nice like that and 2. everyone was kinda avoiding me anyway because Krista wouldn't leave me alone and they don't like her. Something about dissing the cafe while your in it is a bad idea..... ANYWAY she better not come in tomarrow then I'll be upset I haven't been in the cafe in almost a week.... I can barley remember the fights for the few limited seats......Oh I miss being kicked off, and sat on :'( then later Page got mad at me for leaving in the hall way while on the way to class and that made me happy cuz I know she missed me ;p

No pictures of knitting today, I was 2 lazy I just watched reruns of doctor who. So I put a pic of my kitty who feel asleep in a "cozy?" possition


  1. I had no idea wtf the pic was.
    Im sorry about the cafe, maybe they'll beat you up tomorow:p

    Ive always been antisocial and moreso over time.
    the reason im freaked about the police is. um. its complicated. I had fun tho this weekend.
    try to stay out of trouble, or at least dont leave any witnesses ,)

  2. life's too short to hang out with people you don't like or don't get along with well... be yourself and be friends with who you want to be friends with and those who appreciate you, and life will be a lot easier :)

  3. hey you okay over there? you knitting or watching anime ?

  4. hey robin, I met someone at the ,hell ,one of the forums, shes 12 and into makeup and something about her camera, shez new so thought you might be into the makeup girly stuff too. anyways stay safe.